Drivers rate Minneapolis least congested major city in the nation

Coming on the heels of US News and World Report’s survey that ranked metro area as having one of the best commute times, a new report shows drivers rate Minneapolis as the least congested major city in the nation. The study done by TomTom, the world’s leading provider of navigation solutions and digital maps, calculated data gathered anonymously from millions of GPS units in the United States over the past two years in its SpeedProfiles database.

Minneapolis was ranked as the least congested of 30 major cities in the nation, with only 17 percent of the roads labeled as congested. Cities were ranked according to how fast cars travel on the street network. A City's traffic was defined as congested if drivers could travel at only 70 percent or less of the posted speed limit, meaning on average an hour-long commute included 20 minutes or more of significant delays.

Seattle, Wash., was deemed to have the worst traffic in the nation with an average of 43 percent of its roads congested, followed by Los Angeles (38 percent), Chicago (37 percent), San Francisco (35 percent) and New York (31 percent).

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Published Dec 2, 2009