Minneapolis holds two public hearings on its proposed 2010 budget

Two public hearings on the City's 2010 budget have been set to give the public a chance to share their thoughts on the proposed budget. In addition to the regular budget hearing on the day the City Council approves a new budget, this year Minneapolis is also holding an additional hearing a few weeks before the budget is adopted.

Public hearings on tax levy and 2010 City budget

The Mayor’s proposed City budget for 2010 focuses on jobs, while preserving public safety gains and continuing to invest in infrastructure. It includes expanding a program that offers low interest loans and financing tools to small businesses, and $1.2 million to help more people find and get jobs through the City's Workforce Centers. The City Council is currently in the process of holding budget hearings prior to adopting a final budget in December.

Minneapolis is facing a number of serious fiscal challenges that affect the City's bottom line. This includes State cuts to Minneapolis of more than $40 million during 2009-2010 and escalating health care and pension costs. To balance the budget, the Mayor’s proposal includes a mix of budget cuts, reforms and a new revenue policy.

To learn more about the proposed 2010 budget, visit the complete proposed 2010 budget.

Published Nov 16, 2009