2nd Avenue North converts to two-way street

On Friday morning, Oct. 30, 2nd Avenue North from 5th Street to 10th Street only, converted from a one-way to a two-way street. The conversion adds a southbound lane to 2nd Avenue North that will improve access in the area, particularly because a portion of 3rd Avenue North (which ran southbound) was permanently closed due to the construction of Target Field. This will allow drivers an additional southbound option.

To prepare for the conversion, public works crews have recently painted new lane lines and installed new traffic signage.

This two-way conversion is one of many changes that is happening in downtown Minneapolis to transform how people get into and around Downtown. Other improvements becoming a reality in 2009 include the completion of the Hennepin and 1st avenues conversion to two-way traffic, the Marquette and 2nd avenues transit corridors, the opening of Northstar Commuter Rail, and an extension of the Hiawatha Light Rail line. These and other improvements coming soon will result in a Downtown that’s more accessible, greener, and easier to get around.

To get more information on the bigger transportation transformation thats happening Downtown, visit www.TransformingMinneapolis.org . On the website, you can find information on projects, renderings and videos, and audio files you can listen to to learn more about transportation improvements.

October 30, 2009

Published Oct 30, 2009