Walk safe this Halloween and make it a habit

Darkness is falling earlier, Halloween is approaching, and our precious little goblins are going to be hitting the streets. Getting your children ready for safe trick or treating this year can help them establish safe walking habits for a lifetime.

Review crossing safety with children. Teach them:

Choose the safest routes to walk

Be seen. Wear bright colors and use retro-reflective materials. (These are materials that reflect light back to the source, such as headlights, instead of diffusing it. This looks brighter to drivers.) Carry flashlights. Glow sticks are inexpensive and make it easier for motorists and parents to see trick-or-treaters. In bad weather, visibility is even more important.

Choose homes that welcome Halloween visitors. Look for well-lit driveways, walkways or paths to the front door.

Do a costume check. Make sure the child can walk easily in the outfit. Make sure any mask or head gear allows your child to see clearly what is around her. Be sure he can safely negotiate steps on dimly lit walkways.

Pedestrians and motorists share the responsibility for safe streets. Messages for motorists:

The City of Minneapolis is working on ways to increase and improve walking in Minneapolis. The City's first pedestrian master plan will provide guidance on creating a great walking city where people choose to walk for transportation, recreation and health.

October 28, 2009

Published Oct 28, 2009