Bus lanes open on Marquette and 2nd avenues for bus driver training

Most of the barrels and barricades will be removed from Marquette and 2nd avenues in Downtown Minneapolis to allow for transit bus training beginning Sunday, Oct. 25. There will continue to be two lanes of general traffic in addition to the two lanes of contra flow bus traffic (in the opposite direction). Do not drive or park in the bus lanes and observe all traffic control signs.

Beginning Sunday, Oct. 25 and through Dec. 13, Metro Transit and other transit company drivers will use Marquette and 2nd avenues for training purposes. Passengers are scheduled to return to bus stops along Marquette and 2nd avenues on Dec. 14. Until then, Metro Transit and other transit services will continue to operate on current routes.

The public should be aware that there will be selective short-term lane closures as the City continues to complete the work along these two stretches Downtown.

Marquette & 2nd avenues have been reconstructed as unique transitways that make taking the bus faster and more convenient than ever. New bus shelters, real-time transit information displays, and wider sidewalks with more trees will make riding the bus a much more appealing option for commuters.

The reconstruction of Marquette and 2nd avenues is a key piece in a transportation transformation that’s going on Downtown. Nicollet Mall will carry fewer buses, bicycles will have better access to Downtown, and pedestrians will have new amenities. In addition to City of Minneapolis improvements, Metro Transit, Hennepin County, and others will also complete exciting new projects that will change Downtown transportation. Those include Northstar Commuter Rail and an extension of the Hiawatha Light Rail.

Oct. 23, 2009

Published Oct 23, 2009