Minneapolis looks ahead to 2030 with adoption of sustainable growth plan

Minneapolis is looking ahead to 2030 and ensuring that the city will welcome and manage projected population, housing, and job growth with the adoption of the City's comprehensive plan on Wednesday, Oct. 2 by the Mayor and City Council. The plan, The Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth,

National Planning Month Celebration Open House
Showcasing The Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth
11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 14
City Hall Rotunda
350 South 5th Street

The Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth is an over-arching policy framework used to design and implement a variety of City policies and programs. The plan demonstrates that the city can grow and pursue economic development, while preserving the character of its neighborhoods and enhancing the quality of its open spaces. The plan incorporates input from a variety of stakeholders including citizens, neighborhoods, institutions, businesses, and neighboring jurisdictions. The updated plan also includes a future land-use map, a significant tool for describing what the city will look like.

State law requires the City of Minneapolis to update its plan periodically to meet regional planning requirements overseen by the Metropolitan Council. The most recent major update to the comprehensive plan was completed in 2000 with various amendments since then.

Published Oct 6, 2009