Two blocks of Hawthorne Avenue start carrying two-way traffic August 28

Minneapolis Public Works crews have completed work to convert Hawthorne Avenue Downtown from a one-way street to a two-way street between 10th and 12th streets. Hawthorne Avenue is the southern end of 1st Avenue in Downtown, and for now, 1st Avenue will still be one-way north of 10th Street.

The impact to traffic of this short stretch of conversion is not expected to be significant, but more change is on the way that will dramatically change how people get around Downtown.

In the next two months, Hennepin Avenue and 1st avenues will fully convert from being one-way streets to carrying two-way traffic. 2nd Avenue North will also become two-way between 5th and 10th streets. The change will mean drivers will have to circle less to reach their destinations. Once the conversion is complete, some trips that now take four or six blocks of driving could be completed in just one or two blocks.

The two-way conversion will also have a calming effect on traffic, making the sidewalks along the streets a more inviting place for people who come Downtown to eat, shop, work, or for entertainment.

These conversions will change Downtown for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Watch for more information in the coming weeks about the changes that are coming as a result of this project. To learn more, visit the Public Works project page on the City's website.

Aug. 28, 2009

Published Aug 28, 2009