Minneapolis holds license fees flat to help businesses in the tough economy

The Minneapolis City Council and Mayor R.T. Rybak approved a plan on Friday, Aug. 14, to make no increase to the City's business license fees for 2010. City leaders chose not to make an annual fee increase to avoid placing an additional burden on businesses already struggling with a down economy. Liquor, food, and other businesses licenses are typically raised each year to keep up with inflation. However, in 2008, the Department of Licenses and Consumer Services increased revenues by about $500,000 through working more efficiently and expanding collections efforts, and because of an increase in the number of business licenses. The increase has helped the City hold license fees flat despite significant challenges the City faces in its 2010 budget.

A wide variety of businesses are required to have licenses in Minneapolis, from construction and taxi cab companies to restaurants, bars, and hotels. Licensing fees are used in large part to carry out inspections and enforcement designed to keep the public safe—that includes things like food safety inspections at restaurants, and ensuring that taxi drivers have necessary training and insurance.

August 14, 2009

Published Aug 14, 2009