Help your neighbors learn about Ranked Choice Voting at National Night Out

The City of Minneapolis is looking for volunteers to help educate their friends and neighbors on Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) at National Night Out neighborhood gatherings on Tuesday, Aug. 4. Minneapolis will use RCV for the first time this year. RCV allows voters to rank multiple candidates in order of preference, and this year it combines the Primary and the General Election into one event. In 2009, voters may rank up to three candidates for each municipal office.

People who volunteer to help spread the word about RCV at National Night Out will receive demonstration ballots and brochures explaining RCV, as well background material for reference. By sharing those things with neighbors at block parties, residents will be able to see what an RCV ballot looks like and will also be able to mark the ballot for two mock offices: Best Body of Water in Minneapolis and Best Park in Minneapolis.

Volunteering at National Night Out will be a fun way to help inform your neighbors of this new way of voting in 2009. To volunteer, contact Ona Keller at (612)605-8370 or

July 24, 2009

Published Jul 24, 2009