Tips for a safe summer

Summer is usually the time of year when most cities see an increase in property crime. As the weather warms up people begin to spend more time outside and open their windows and doors to keep cool, increasing the opportunity for crime. The Minneapolis Police Department is committed to helping residents be safe and feel safe. Police want to remind you to keep doors locked and windows closed and locked, even when you’re home and even when you’re working or relaxing in your yard, just as you would when you leave your home. Stay vigilant and prevent "sneak-in" burglaries over the summer months by following this advice and other key home safety tips.

When at home:

When away from home:

Always seek help if you are feeling unsafe or unsure of your surroundings and seek assistance if you have been a victim of crime. Remember, potential offenders may also be acquaintances. Most offenders hope to avoid confrontation or being caught, and choose victims that they perceive as vulnerable or easy targets.

June 16, 2009

Published Jun 15, 2009