Nominate a garden that promotes community pride

Do you know of a garden that beautifies your drive, train ride, bike ride or walk? Celebrate the garden displays of Minneapolis residents, businesses, public institutions, and community buildings by nominating a garden for Metro Blooms recognition. The 20-year-old garden recognition program inspires, promotes and encourages community pride, beautification and environmental leadership by recognizing the efforts of metro area gardeners.

Nominations for the 2009 Garden Evaluation and Recognition Program are under way. Fill out an online form or contact Julie Thelen at (651) 337-1449 to request a nomination form by mail. Garden evaluations begin in July and will be conducted by the Hennepin County Master Gardeners.

In 2008, Metro Blooms recognized more than 1,500 gardens. Metro Blooms is a private nonprofit organization that partners with local governments, businesses, professional associations and watershed districts to promote environmentally sound gardening and landscaping projects. Metro Blooms’ garden evaluation program grew out of Blooming Boulevards, an annual project sponsored by the Committee on Urban Environment, established by the Minneapolis City Council in 1968.

June 8, 2009

Published Jun 3, 2009