Minneapolis launches new website for residents to monitor City's performance

The City of Minneapolis places a high value on being a results-focused, accountable and transparent local government. As part of its ongoing effort, the City has launched a new website Results Minneapolis - where residents can track and watch in a dynamic way how Minneapolis is performing in key service areas: Public Safety; Education; Neighborhood Conditions; Housing & Economic Development; Resident Health; and the Environment.

Each measurement section provides background information on the measure and work related to improving performance. The information and data is communicated in a clean, clear and concise manner through the use of charts and graphs, neighborhood level data is shared using maps or drop down menus for many of the measures, and each measure has a "related links" section for additional information.

City of Minneapolis officials have put in place several enterprise-wide systems that track the City's performance toward achieving its five-year goals and 2020 vision. Since 2006, City leaders have been regularly meeting with different departments to track progress and discuss strategies on key performance measures. After years of planning and measurement, and inspired by discussions with residents, the new Results Minneapolis website is the next step in institutionalizing a results-focused, accountable and transparent government.

May 21, 2009

Published May 21, 2009