Major Minneapolis construction projects under way

Construction season is in full swing in Minneapolis, and this year more than 50 miles of Minneapolis streets will be repaired, using more than 44,000 tons of asphalt. City of Minneapolis leaders announced the 2009 public works projects today at a news conference along Lake of the Isles Parkway, the site of one of the major road renovations slated for this year.

2009 projects include road reconstruction, renovation and replacement; bike and walking trail construction and maintenance; and, sewer and stormwater improvements.

Projects for 2009

Streets – Approximately 53 miles of streets will get a new surface in construction ranging from seal coatings to complete reconstruction. Among the biggest roadway projects are:

Bikes and pedestrian ways – Presently, there are 123 miles of bikeways in Minneapolis, with Public Works projects adding even more this year.

Water and Sewer – Many city water mains, storm water drains and sanitary sewer lines will be improved to increase the quality of tap water and reduce the chances that sewer overflows will get into the Mississippi River.

Many of these projects will require road closures, lane restrictions and detours. The best way drivers can find out about these traffic changes is by subscribing to the City's traffic alerts online. The City will also notify the local media about any major traffic impacts so they can share them with the public.

More information about Minneapolis 2009 Capital Improvement Projects is available on the City's Public Works site.

Published Apr 20, 2009