Winter weather show tune tops City's Snow Emergency videos

A locally produced song-and-dance musical was chosen as the best video submitted during the City's "Create your own Snow Emergency video" call for entries.

The video, created by Cole Koehler of Northeast Minneapolis, features a band of merry neighbors singing "There’s No Business Like Snow Business" while they chisel ice from windshields and move their vehicles off the streets during what they think is a Snow Emergency. However, it ends with one neighbor using her cell phone to learn that a Snow Emergency was in fact, not declared. The moral of the story…use of one the City's many tools it has in place, including e-mail and phone alerts, text messages, and website notifications, to learn when a Snow Emergency is declared.

Other contest entries feature a Snow Emergency Facebook page.

The call for entries is part of an ongoing effort to communicate to younger drivers: a segment of the driving population that is more likely to be unaware of Snow Emergencies. The City has also created "Snow Emergency" profiles on the social networking sites MySpace. These Web pages are updated whenever a Snow Emergency is declared. By "friending" Snow Emergency, drivers can keep tabs on the latest Snow Emergency status. Since the profile’s creation in December, more than 6,400 people on Facebook have become friends with Snow Emergency.

For more information on Snow Emergencies and snow season parking, go to

Published Mar 10, 2009