Do your part to make this evening’s snowy commute a safe one

Snowfall throughout the afternoon of Thursday, Feb. 26 may lead to a slower than average evening commute. When snow is coming down, Minneapolis crews are out plowing, sanding, and salting to keep the streets drivable. Public Works staff is continuing to monitor the weather and street conditions, and will respond to conditions as needed.

Be your own traffic cop. Don’t block the box!

While Minneapolis does its part when the snow flies, drivers can play a critical role in reducing delays and keeping the streets safe on snowy days. During this evening rush hour, it will be very important that drivers take it slow, maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them, and be aware of pedestrians and traffic control agents helping direct traffic in the intersections.

The most important thing drivers can do is to not contribute to traffic congestion is to not "block the box," (driving into an intersection when there is not enough room for your vehicle to make it completely through the intersection.) When the traffic signals change, cars that are blocking the box keep cross traffic from moving, stopping up traffic in both directions.

Instead, drivers should make sure there is room to pull all the way through before entering the intersection. Being patient and sometimes waiting for the next green light will significantly improve traffic flow for everyone.

Minneapolis traffic control agents will be out on the afternoon of Thursday, Feb. 26 at key intersections to keep traffic moving by making sure cars aren’t stopping inside the box, but agents can’t be at every intersection. That’s why it’s important that drivers pay attention to traffic, drive carefully, and make sure they aren’t blocking the box.

3 p.m., Feb. 26, 2009

Published Feb 26, 2009