Use City's recycling calendar to help reduce your impact on the environment

City of Minneapolis recycling customers should watch their mailboxes shortly for the City's 2009 recycling calendar. The calendar will tell you what you can and can’t recycle through the City service, and it will show all the dates in 2009 when you should put out your recycling. Recycling saves natural resources, energy and money, and it’s easy to recycle in Minneapolis.

 More than 90 percent of the households in Minneapolis participate in the City's recycling program, with the average resident recycling around 2.3 pounds of material per day. Two weeks’ worth of recycling collections brings in around three-to-four tons of recyclables per truck. Together, we set out more than 23,000 tons of cans, glass, newspaper, etc., to be collected and recycled into new products every year.

 It’s also easy for residents to recycle their old electronics. In fact, Minneapolis is the only city in the nation where electronics are picked up regularly for recycling. If you have an old TV or other electronic device to get rid of, just set it next to your garbage cart on your recycling day with a sign on it that says, "for solid waste." A crew will come back for it the next business day.

For more information about recycling in Minneapolis, visit Be a Zero Hero.

Published Feb 10, 2009