Minneapolis ranks as one of the fittest cities in the nation

Mens Fitness Magazine has named Minneapolis as the third fittest city in the nation in its 2009 survey of the Fittest and Fattest Cities in the nation. This is the 11th year that the magazine has followed fitness trends in the 50 most populated areas in the nation. The magazine collected and analyzed a variety of data such as the numbers of fitness and recreation centers, nutrition, TV viewing, junk food outlets, access to health care, obesity initiatives, and mayor and city initiatives among others to determine which cities take fitness most seriously.

Salt Lake City and Colorado Springs finished ahead of Minneapolis in the fittest cities category and Miami topped the survey in the fattest city in the nation category. This magazine’s ranking comes just days after Men’s Health magazine ranked Minneapolis among its top 10 cities in the nation for being the best and healthiest cities for men.

You can read the Mens Fitness Magazines 2009 survey results at http://menshealth.com/metrogrades/09-jan-feb/best-worst.html.

Jan. 15, 2009

Published Jan 15, 2009