Understanding Minneapolis’ annual budget

The City of Minneapolis approves a new budget each December for the following year. Although a 2009 budget was approved by the Mayor and City Council, City leaders are working to revise the 2009 budget following a significant cut to state local government aid to Minneapolis. Additional cuts to state aid to cities may occur as the State Legislature faces an approximately $5 billion deficit over the next two years.

Despite cuts in state funding over the last five years, Minneapolis has consistently approved fiscally sound budgets that have dealt with financial challenges while still maintaining high quality services to the public. Further state aid cuts will require City leaders to make difficult decisions about the City's budget and the City services it funds.

Minneapolis’ approved 2009 budget (which is being revised) is $1.4 billion. Understanding budgets can be complicated, but help you understand some of the many considerations that went into crafting Minneapolis’ 2009 budget, follow the link below.

2009 Budget Fact Sheet (pdf)

Published Jan 12, 2009