Minneapolis ranked as the most literate city in the nation

In a study relating to the literacy of communities and their populations, Minneapolis ranked as the most literate city in the nation. Minneapolis led 64 of the biggest cities in the nation in a study authored by Jack Miller, chancellor and professor of education at the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater. The study looked at variables related to literacy and literate behaviors such as newspaper circulation, numbers of bookstores, and educational attainment levels as indicators of literacy. Thirteen variables were combined into five factors of literacy for the purpose of this study.

Minneapolis finished first overall, followed by Seattle, WA, Denver, CO, Atlanta, GA and San Francisco, CA. Two Texas cities Corpus Christi and El Paso finished 63rd and 64th in the nation. Minneapolis ranked 4th in the newspaper category, 4th in the number of booksellers, 15th in the number of libraries, 11th in education and 5th in the number of publications, per capita. Cities such as Boston and New York that are seen stereotypically as being literate did not fare as well and finished 13 and 48 out of the 64 cities studied. Saint Paul finished 14th in the overall category.

Published Jul 14, 2009