Todays Tip -
How to update your Outlook signature

Updating your email signature takes only a few minutes. When you’re in your Outlook email:

1. Click on Tools (located on the top of the page in Outlook email)

2. Click on Options.

3. On the Options pop-up page opens, click on the Mail Format tab.

4. When the Mail Format page opens, click on the Signatures box.

5. When the Signatures box opens, click on Edit. Then update your existing signature.

6. Once you have created or updated your signature, click on OK. Use the Preview box to review what will appear on your signature line. If it’s okay, click on OK.

7. Once you have okayed your new signature, you will be back on the Options/MailFormat page. This is where you can decide if you want this signature only for new messages or if you want the same signature for replies and forwards. (This will be just above the Signatures box.)

If you have problems with this procedure, call the BIS Service Desk at 800-262-3112.

Include email with new URL

To help spread the word of about the City’s new URL, employees are asked to include their new email address in their email signatures. Here is an example:

Pat Doe
City of Minneapolis
Regulatory Services

Be brief

Lots of vertically stacked lines on your automatic e-mail signature can eat up a lot of space when your e-mail goes back and forth a few times. To keep those e-mails moving, consider using a short e-mail signature (see example above) or a horizontal signature format. Here is an example of a horizontal format with a lot of information:

Pat Doe | Customer Service Representative | City of Minneapolis Regulatory Services| 250 South 4th St.
Desk: (612) 673-0000 | Cell: 612-000-0000 | Fax: 612-000-0000

Aug. 3, 2011

Published Aug 3, 2011