Employee ID and Access Card Service Counter has moved

Due to construction in City Hall, Property Services has temporarily moved its service counter for Employee ID and Access cards across the street to the Facility Office - Room 181, Public Service Center, 250 South 4th St. The Service Counter move will impact City departments that receive their ID badges through Property Services. View building map here

Hours for issuing badges remain the same:

In the interest of efficiency and quality customer service, please limit badge requests to these time periods. Appointments are not necessary within these time blocks.

Any Access requests need to be made in writing by the department liaison via an email sent to the Property Services mailbox prior to the badge printing.

The rest of Property Services’ functions are now temporarily located in Room 233, City Hall, and inter-office mail should be addressed to this room number. All of the department’s U.S. Postal Service and email addresses, as well as fax and phone numbers, remain the same.

July 20, 2011

Published Jul 20, 2011