City switching to new web domain and email addresses

Later this month, the City of Minneapolis will switch to a new web domain name and email addresses. The new domain name — is shorter, easier to remember, and more secure than our current domain name ( because only government entities can use the .gov domain.

BIS has tentatively scheduled the new domain name to go live on Friday, July 29; however, users who enter into their web browsers before then will be able to connect to the .gov website.

The switch will mean that nearly all employees will have new email addresses. With few exceptions, your new email address will follow the old convention with the new domain name following the @ symbol: New email addresses will not work until the new domain name goes live.

In the coming weeks, more information will become available and will be posted on CityTalk. In the meantime, here are some things you should know:

Published Jul 20, 2011