I-35W Bridge Remembrance Garden dedication is Aug. 1

On Monday, Aug. 1, the fourth anniversary of the Interstate 35W Bridge collapse, a Remembrance Garden to the victims and survivors of that disaster will be officially dedicated.

City employees — especially those who helped in the rescue and recovery effort — as well as the general public are encouraged to join family members, survivors, first responders, elected officials and others at the ceremony that begins at 5 p.m. The memorial is on West River Road across from Gold Medal Park.

The outdoor memorial garden’s focal point is the 13 pillars, each inscribed with the name of a person who died when the bridge collapsed in 2007. In addition to the I-beams, which will be illuminated at night, the memorial will feature a stone wall with the names of those who survived the bridge collapse, along with an inspirational quote and dedication. The memorial also features a path leading from the water wall to the bluff edge, where an observation deck allows views of the river and the new bridge through the trees.

July 20, 2011

Published Jul 20, 2011