Todays tip -
Know how to handle the heat

As summer heat sets in, it’s important to how to handle the heat. Heat-related illness happens when the body isn’t able to cool itself. Seniors, small children, and people with physical disabilities are the most vulnerable to heat-related illness, but everyone should take steps to stay safe in extreme heat.

Tips for preventing heat-related illness in people:

For more information on heat-related illness and how to prevent it, visit the Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support website, and click on "extreme heat."

Tips for keeping pets safe in extreme heat:

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control urges pet owners to take special precautions to protect their animals when the heat index is high. Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe and alive:

If you see an animal outside or in a car exhibiting signs of heat stress, call Minneapolis Animal Care & Control immediately: In Minneapolis, dial 311 (612-673-3000). If you believe the situation to be life-threatening, please call 911.

July 6, 2011

Published Jul 6, 2011