Temporary North Side permitting office closes

After serving tornado victims for nearly a month, the City’s temporary North Side Construction and Repair Permits Office closed on June 24. Since it opened June 1, the North Side office issued more than 150 permits, about a third of the 500 total permits issued for repairs to North Side properties during that time period. Most building permits were pulled by contractors, but some were issued to homeowners doing their own work

The City opened a satellite permitting office at Hamilton School to make it easier for folks to get construction and repair permits needed to fix damage to properties resulting from the May 22 tornado. Staff from Minneapolis Development Review, Construction Code Services, Plan Review, Rental Licensing, and Zoning were on hand to help North Side customers in their permitting requests.

Throughout the period when the satellite office was open, employees continued to staff the Minneapolis Development Review office in downtown Minneapolis.

July 6, 2011

Published Jul 6, 2011