Today’s tip: Pay attention behind the wheel

Some attention-grabbing statistics:

Are you a distracted driver? Do your part to stop distracted driving by following these simple steps from the nonprofit End Distracted Driving:

  1. Drive without sending or reading texts.
  2. Call or text before driving to let family, friends and others know when you’ll arrive.
  3. Pull over to a safe location to check texts or listen to voice mail.
  4. Ask your passenger to text or make calls for you.
  5. When alone, turn your cell phone off or on vibrate before starting to drive.
  6. Wait to text or call others until they have stopped driving.
  7. Stop texting or end phone conversations with others once you learn they are driving.
  8. Pull over at a safe location or wait until you are finished driving to eat or apply make-up.
  9. Pull over at a safe location or wait until you are finished driving to adjust music, change CDs, check email or Facebook or surf the internet.
  10. When being driven by a distracted driver, ask the driver to drive safer.
  11. As a passenger, share the responsibility for arriving safely with your driver and offer help so your driver does not drive distracted.

Learn more about distracted driving at an interactive presentation by the Minnesota Safety Council and Minnesota State Patrol from noon-1 p.m. Wednesday, June 25, in Room A0723 in the Hennepin County Government Center, 300 S. Sixth St.

Published Jun 9, 2014