Get your bike tagged May 22 to earn prizes, save money

ZAP Twin Cities will be at City Hall 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Thursday, May 22, to tag bikes with a ZAP sensor for the 2014 employee wellness program.

With ZAP technology, a tag attached to two front wheel spokes on your bike is recognized by readers around and near Downtown and the University of Minnesota campus. When you pass within 30 feet of the reader, you will hear a beep, indicating you have been "zapped." Your bike trip data is then uploaded to your own personal ZAP Web profile.

You can earn 50 points toward your 2014 wellness program when you bike using ZAP technology 50 times by Aug. 31. When you earn 300 points toward your My Health Rewards by Medica program by Aug. 31, you’ll get a discount on your 2015 health insurance premiums. (In 2014, savings averaged $400 a year for a single person and $1,200 a year for a family.) Learn more about the ZAP health activity.

Bring your bike or bike wheel to City Hall for the event. You can get two bikes tagged for free; additional bikes cost $4 per bike.

Published May 13, 2014