Start seeing STARs

Start thinking about whom you'd like to nominate for the new STAR awards.

The new STAR (Special Thanks And Recognition) awards will recognize employees for their work-related contributions to the City. The new employee recognition program begins on a pilot basis July 1.

Categories for the STAR Awards:

1. Shining STAR: Awarded to employees for their positive influence.

An award-winning nominee:

2. City STAR: Awarded to employees who made a significant impact on the City in the previous year.

An award-winning nominee:

3. North STAR: Awarded to outstanding leaders.

An award-winning nominee:

4. Service STAR: Awarded to employees who reach significant milestone anniversaries working for the City: 15, 25 or 30 years of service. Specific details will be announced later.

The Employee Recognition Review Committee will review and approve nominations. Employees with approved nominations can be recognized by their departments and will be recognized at an event during Public Service Week in 2015. One individual each from the Shining STAR, City STAR and North STAR categories will be designated as the “best” in the category at the Public Service Recognition Week event.

Timeline for STAR awards

Key dates


July 1, 2014

Begin accepting nominations

Feb. 28, 2015

Nomination period ends

July 1, 2014, to Feb. 28, 2015

Nominations reviewed

Date TBD (during Public Service Recognition Week)

Award ceremony


Departmental employee recognition

Look for more information on the nomination process coming soon in Minneapolis Matters and on CityTalk.

Published May 13, 2014