Order a compost bin or rain barrel now, pick it up April 26

Get a jump start on gardening by ordering a $55 compost bin or a $69 rain barrel for your home. (These regularly cost $106 and $139.)

By using a compost bin, you can keep more than a quarter of your household waste out of the garbage while making valuable compost for your garden.

A rain barrel will help you save water and money by using rainwater rather than the faucet for your garden and trees. Rain barrels are also a way of trapping the stormwater that runs toward the storm drains – picking up pollutants along the way – and into our lakes, streams and rivers.

You will pick up your compost bin or rain barrel in Minneapolis Saturday, April 26, from the Recycling Association of Minnesota. Pre-order your compost bin or rain barrel now or find more information.

Published Apr 15, 2014