Give yourself credit: Report your flu shot and fitness activities

Did you get a flu shot in the last seven months? Before the flu season is just an unpleasant memory, make sure you get credit by logging onto Medica’s online scorecard. Your flu shot is worth 25 points toward the 300 points needed to qualify for a lower health care premium in 2015.  

If you’re exercising at least eight times a month, be sure to report those workouts on your scorecard by the end of each month. When you have accumulated at least eight 30-minute exercise sessions per month for three months, you’ll receive another 25 points toward the lower wellness premium rate. (Even if you’re working out at a fitness club that participates in Medica’s Fit Choices for a discount on your gym membership fee, you must self-report your workouts to also earn My Health Rewards credits toward a lower health care premium.)

How to get credit for your activities

·         If you’ve already begun Medica’s My Health Rewards program, access your scorecard by logging into Then, select the “Health & Wellness” tab and enter your activity in the scorecard.

·         If you haven’t yet started the My Health Rewards program, log into and select the “Health & Wellness” tab. Begin the program by completing your personal health profile. (Completing the profile will earn you 100 points and a $20 gift card.)

Learn more

You have many ways to earn points in this year’s rewards program. In addition to the activities offered in past years (biometric screening, health topics, etc.), this year’s program has new options for earning points, such as attending free workday presentations, commuting to work by bike or using your Healthy Savings card at the grocery store.

To learn more about the City’s wellness program:

·         Visit the City website.

·         Call Human Resources at 673-3333.

·         Email

Because some health-related actions take time, be sure to begin the program now so you have earned 300 points by the Aug. 31, 2014, deadline.

Published Apr 15, 2014