Licensing offices for Police, CPED relocating

The licensing offices for the Police Department and the Community Planning and Economic Development Department will temporarily relocate from the ground floor to the first floor of City Hall in the coming weeks as part of City Hall’s safety upgrade project. The move does not affect the office’s email addresses, phone numbers or fax numbers, which will remain the same.


The relocations are just the most recent round of moves in a multi-staged plan to install new fire alarm, smoke detection and sprinkler systems and upgrade City Hall’s heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. The project began in 2000 and is being tackled in 23 stages through 2016. This relocation is part of stage 18. 

Watch for information on future office moves in Minneapolis Matters as the safety upgrade project continues.

Police Department Licensing moved to Room 103 April 15. Community Planning and Economic Development Licensing will move to Room 107 April 22.

Published Apr 15, 2014