Pedal your way to more money and prizes

Now you can win prizes and save on your 2015 health insurance premiums when you bike to work using the ZAP Twin Cities program.

Bike to work or use Nice Ride 50 times by Aug. 31, and you’ll not only save on gas and parking, avoid traffic jams, reduce carbon dioxide pollution and get great exercise; you’ll also earn 50 points toward your 2014 wellness program and maybe even win biking gear or gift cards to local restaurants and stores.

How it works

Your bike trips are tracked using ZAP technology. With ZAP technology, a tag attached to two front wheel spokes on your bike is recognized by readers throughout the city. When you pass within 30 feet of the reader, you will hear a beep, indicating you have been "zapped." Your bike trip data is then uploaded to your own personal ZAP Web profile. 

Your ZAP Web profile helps you easily monitor:

If you have an annual Nice Ride subscription, log in to your Nice Ride account to link it to the ZAP Twin Cities program. Then each time you use a Nice Ride bike, you’ll get zapped.

When you’ve been zapped 50 times, you’ll receive 50 points in your My Health Rewards by Medica program. (It may take several weeks for the health action to be reflected on your scorecard, and you will only be credited for one bike ride per day.)

How to get started

Get your bike(s) tagged at one of these locations:

Why bike to work?

When you bike to work, you:


For more information and to see where the ZAP readers are located, visit 


Published Apr 2, 2014