Report your fitness activity for the month by March 31

Don’t forget to report your March fitness activity on by March 31 to start earning points toward your 2014 employee wellness program.

New this year, fitness tracking allows you to earn 25 points toward your wellness program when you work out at least 30 minutes eight times per month and self-report that activity on for three months. You must self-report your workouts on your Medica scorecard in the month that they occur. You are unable to report workouts from previous months.

You may want to self-report workouts you do at fitness clubs that participate in the Fit Choices by Medica program. Those workouts will not be automatically added to the fitness tracker for you, however the workouts will still be automatically tracked to see if you are eligible to receive a discount on your monthly membership fees.

When you earn 300 points for completing health activities and report your points on by Aug. 31, 2014, you will receive a discount on your monthly health insurance coverage next year. In 2014, savings averaged $400 a year for a single person and $1,200 a year for a family. 

To report your fitness activity:

1. Visit     

2. Enter your username and password.

3. Click on “Health & Wellness.”

4.  Click on “Scorecard,” then “View My Scorecard.”

5.  Under the “Fitness Tracking” health action, select “Click here to self-report.”

6.  Enter the dates you worked out at least 30 minutes.


Published Mar 19, 2014