Help spread the word: some Snow Emergency routes now posted “No Parking”

To ensure that all streets are open for emergency vehicles, “No Parking” signs have been posted on some Snow Emergency routes. These restrictions are in addition to the Winter Parking Restrictions that are already in effect.

The new parking restrictions address specific Snow Emergency routes that are problematic for vehicles to navigate. You may see postings of parking restrictions for one side or both sides on these routes. The signs will stay in place until conditions allow for normal parking again.

You should look for and follow the “No Parking” signs, and help remind others to do the same. Vehicles parked in a spot posted “No Parking” may be ticketed or towed to the impound lot. You can also help spread the word at your job and in your personal and professional networks.

These are the Snow Emergency routes that will have additional parking restrictions.

The “No Parking” restrictions continue where they were posted earlier in the season on two Snow Emergency routes: on Bryant Avenue from Lake Street to 50th Street and Grand Avenue from Lake Street to 46th Street.

Published Mar 19, 2014