Turn in expenses for 2013 flex account by April 15

If you have money left in your 2013 flexible spending account, or FSA, you need to submit your claims by Tuesday, April 15. After April 15, any money left in your 2013 flex account will be forfeited.

The April 15 deadline applies only to your 2013 flexible spending account. Remember that you may use money in your 2013 flexible spending account only for expenses from 2013; expenses from 2014 may not be paid from your 2013 flex account. Also, remember that you can only use your WageWorks Healthcare Card to pay for current year expenses. You can no longer use your card to pay for 2013 claims.

Submit remaining 2013 flexible spending account claims to WageWorks, the City’s claims administrator.  For the most convenience, submit claims online. If you prefer to use a paper form:

Flexible spending accounts are optional accounts employees set up during open enrollment to set aside money before taxes to pay for eligible health care expenses. These are “use-it or lose-it” accounts. That means that you forfeit any money that is not used by the annual deadline.


Published Mar 19, 2014