More ways to save money on your health insurance with the new 2014 Wellness Program

You now have more opportunities to earn points toward your 2014 employee wellness program. That means more ways to save money on your 2015 health insurance premium and earn an HRA/VEBA bonus.

You may now earn points for:

You also will continue to earn points for:

Participating in condition-specific programs: Some employees may be invited to participate in and earn points for the following programs due to their individual circumstances. These programs are not available to everyone – you must be invited by Medica to participate.

Please note, point totals for some of the health actions changed this year.

When you earn 300 points for completing any combination of the above health activities and report your points on by Aug. 31, 2014, you will receive a discount on your monthly health insurance coverage next year. In 2014, savings averaged $400 a year for a single person and $1,200 a year for families.

An additional $200 HRA/VEBA contribution will be available with the 2014 Wellness Program.  To receive this contribution, if you have single coverage (or family with children only) you need to earn more than 300 points.  If you have family coverage, your spouse must complete the health assessment during 2014 Wellness Program.

Published Feb 5, 2014