WageWorks Health Care cards loaded for 2014

If you set up a pre-tax healthcare flexible spending account (FSA) for 2014, your entire 2014 FSA election is now loaded on a WageWorks Health Care Card.  If you were a participant in the City’s medical insurance plan and/or health care flexible spending account (FSA) in 2013, your 2014 election has been loaded on your existing card.  If you are new to these plans, you will receive Health Care Card in the mail within the next week. 

If you lost or destroyed your Health Care Card, you may order a new one by contacting WageWorks at (855) 428-0446, 

The Health Care Card can be used to pay for qualified health care expenses using your healthcare FSA and/or your HRA/VEBA funds.  The Health Care Card offers the advantage of allowing you to pay for eligible health care expenses directly from your account rather than paying out of your own pocket and then submitting claims for reimbursement.   If you would like to use your card to access your HRA/VEBA account, your account must be set to “Spend It”.  You can change your account settings on your online account at www.wageworks.com or by calling (855) 428-0446.

Important reminders about using your card:


Published Jan 8, 2014