Did you switch to a different medical plan during open enrollment?

If you switched medical plan networks during open enrollment, the group/policy number on your new 2014 Medica ID is different from your 2013 group/policy number. Because of the new number, you must re-register at MyMedica.com, the website you can use to view your claims, look up benefits, complete your 2014 health assessment and read about health and wellness.

If you did not change medical plan networks, you do not need to re-register.

How to re-register:

  1. Log onto www.mymedica.com.
  2. Click on Register Now *. (Have your Medica ID card handy – you’ll need your ID and Group/Policy numbers.)
  3. When the registration information boxes appear, be sure to enter a NEW User Name — not the same User Name you used last year.

* If your group number has changed and you try to log onto mymedica.com with your old username and password, you will get a message that your coverage has expired. This is because you have a new group number.

A new group number also means you:


Published Jan 8, 2014