Share your thoughts on the future Nicollet Mall

Nicollet Mall is home to some of Minnesota’s largest employers and is the first impression many travelers get of the city, region and state when they fly into the metro area and catch the light-rail downtown. The transit and pedestrian mall needs to be updated and re-envisioned to keep Minnesota attractive in an increasingly competitive marketplace nationally and globally.

For decades, Nicollet Mall has helped draw businesses into downtown Minneapolis. It’s now facing stiff competition from other regions across the country. Other cities have invested in new, updated, and innovative public spaces to recruit top talent and businesses and attract young people. A modernized Nicollet Mall would help strengthen Minnesota’s competitiveness in retaining and attracting corporations, small businesses and employees to keep this economic driver for the city and state vital for decades to come.

Take the survey

The City of Minneapolis is in the process of updating and re-envisioning Downtown’s Nicollet Mall. To help in this project, please take a brief survey about how you use Nicollet Mall and how you’d like to see it improved. The survey can be found on the project webpage:  


We have a unique opportunity to design and create a new, inviting, innovative and world-class space.

Published Dec 24, 2013