Deadline for 2013 invoices is Jan.15

In preparation for the year’s end, be sure to send all 2013 invoices to the Accounts Payable office as soon as you receive them. The deadline for submitting 2013 invoices is 4 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Submitting invoices before the Jan. 15 deadline will ensure your 2013 expenses are paid from the 2013 budget. Any invoices that Accounts Payable receives after Jan. 15 will be paid as 2014 expenditures. Invoices should be sent to 325M, City Hall.

In addition to helping the City close out 2013, timely invoice processing helps ensure the City can take advantage of vendor discounts by promptly paying invoices.

Accounts Payable will not be paying any 2014 invoices until after Jan. 22, unless there is an immediate need. 

If you have any questions, contact Accounts Payable Manager Richard Perrizo at or extension 2311.


Published Dec 24, 2013