Work group developing proposal to improve employee recognition

Representatives from 10 departments started meeting in October to identify options for improving how employees are recognized for exceptional workplace contributions.

The work group was formed to address concerns raised in employee surveys which found that nearly half of City employees do not feel they receive meaningful or appropriate recognition for their workplace contributions. The group plans to bring recommendations to the city coordinator during the first quarter of 2014.

Accomplishments that merit special recognition

Here are the group’s preliminary suggestions for the types of activities or contributions that should merit special recognition:

Significant impact

Positive influence and leadership


Workforce development

Customer service


Years of service


Why the work group was created

This work group was created to formulate a response to concerns raised in the 2011-12 employee engagement survey and a 2013 follow-up survey.

The surveys found that, while more than 90 percent of employees want their work to be valued and recognized, less than half felt they are recognized in a meaningful way for their contributions.

Thank you work group members

The following employees volunteered to serve on the work group:

For more information

Contact Chuck Bernardy or Jolanta Sears, Human Resources Department.

Published Nov 26, 2013