Assessor’s food drive is feel good event for donors and recipients

In addition to helping the community, a food drive can be a morale-boosting event for an office. The City Assessor’s office recently completed its first food drive, raising $212 in cash and 285 pounds of food and toiletries for the Camden Promise Food Shelf in north Minneapolis. Folks in the Assessor’s office reported that the effort was such a feel good event that they hope to make a food drive a yearly event.










The Oct. 1-Nov. 15 food drive was organized by department’s Employee Recognition Committee, whose members include Brenda Hansford, Jon Ulman, Alyssa Browne, Margie San Roman, Tim Ulman and Tony McGibbon.

In thanking the department for the donation, food shelf staff wrote that “The generosity from your office is amazing. Your donations will have a positive impact on our community” and “Your incredible donation could not have come at a better time.  What a blessing you and your office are to us and those we serve.”


Published Nov 25, 2013