Work group seeks to identify meaningful options for employee recognition

Representatives from 10 departments will begin working to identify options for recognizing employees’ performance, dedication and workplace contributions. These volunteers will be looking for ways to improve recognition by addressing concerns raised in two separate employee surveys that found many City employees do not feel they receive recognition that is meaningful or appropriate when they do a good job or provide outstanding customer service.

The work group’s first meeting is Thursday, Oct. 17. The group’s goal is to bring recommendations to the City Coordinator during the first quarter of 2014.

The people who volunteered for the work group are:

This newly established work group is a response to concerns raised in the 2011-12 employee engagement survey and a 2013 follow-up survey.

2013 survey results

Nearly 1,060 employees responded to the 2013 survey which focused on employees’ experiences with employee recognition. This survey found that:

2011-12 survey results

The findings from the 2013 survey are consistent with the results of the 2011-12 employee engagement survey which showed that:


Published Oct 16, 2013