Today’s tip: Set up a security question to avoid being locked out of HRIS

If you’ve ever forgotten your HRIS password, you know it’s a bit of an involved process to get a new password. Waiting 24 hours for a new password can be stressful when you’re trying to use HRIS to submit your timesheet, look at your paycheck or complete open enrollment.

Setting up your own security question ensures you’ll have HRIS access within minutes, not hours. Once you do this, all you’ll have to do is click on “Forgot your password?” and answer your question. A temporary password will immediately be sent to your City email address.

Here’s how to add a security question:

  1. Log into HRIS.
  2. Click on “My System Profile” (found on the Self Service tab).
  3. Click on “Change or setup forgotten password help.”
  4. Select the drop down list of security questions and pick your question.
  5. Enter the answer in the Response field.
  6. Select “OK” after you’ve entered your answer.
  7. You’ll then be returned to your Profile Information screen where you can verify that your e-mail address is correct. If it’s correct, select “Save.” (If your work email is not listed, please enter it before you select "Save.")


Published Oct 16, 2013