Ethics training moves from the classroom to the desktop

Thanks to the creation of a new electronic training program, it is now more convenient for employees to meet their requirement to take the City’s ethics refresher course once every three years. The new e-learning program went live Oct. 1 and takes only about 30 minutes to complete.

Prior to the introduction of electronic learning, employees had to travel to the classroom location and take the required training during pre-set times. Now, employees can complete the training at their desk computer or their office’s shared computer station.

Training content

The training module discusses conflicts of interest, issues related to outside employment, gifts and use of City property. The content was created by the City’s Ethics Officer working with staff from the Communications and Information Technology departments. Employees from several departments volunteered to act in the video segments to show examples of ethical issues that employees could face as they perform their duties.

Are you due for a refresher?

To check whether you’re due for a refresher on the Ethics Code, log onto HRIS. When you’re in HRIS, click on Learning & Development (left side of page). Then, click on My Learning to see a listing of all the training you’ve completed. Once you’re in My Learning, look for the class entitled, Respect in the Workplace Policy and Ethics Code Training. Click on that class link to see the date you took the course. If you’ve taken the class within the last three years, no action is needed. If it’s been more than three years, you should complete the training module.

How to take ethics e-learning module

Go to

After you’ve entered your name, email address and employee ID number, you’ll be able to watch the 30 minute video. During the video, you’ll be prompted to answer a few quiz questions. Proof of course completion will be emailed to you.


Published Oct 2, 2013