Workshop can help you work with difficult customers  

If your job puts you on the front lines of customer service, consider signing up for this free workshop.

Meeting the Challenge of the Difficult Customer
Tuesday, Nov. 19
9 – 10:30 a.m.

This workshop, which is intended for all employees, will focus on how an employee should respond to a customer who is unduly demanding, rude, abusive or potentially violent. This workshop offers tips on the communication skills employees need to defuse these tense situations. Participants will develop and practice techniques needed to deal effectively with difficult or angry customers, learn how to address customer feelings and practice a problem-solving approach to address customer complaints.

The workshop is free of charge and will be held in Room 101, City of Lakes building, 309 2nd Ave. S.

How to enroll

  1. Log onto HRIS
  2. Click on the Learning and Development link
  3. Click on My Learning and then Search Catalog
  4. Type a key word in the Search text box (e.g., Customer)
  5. Click Search Catalog Items button
  6. Click on the Course Title link
  7. Click on View Details to check available seats  
  8. Click Enroll button
  9. Click Submit Enrollment

About the workshop presenter

The workshop is presented by training professionals from OptumHealth, an organization that works to improve people’s health and make the health system work better for its clients. The services offered by OptumHealth are part of the benefit package offered to City employees through Medica, the City’s health insurance provider. Workshops presentations may be followed by discussions facilitated by City Human Resources staff.

Published Oct 2, 2013