Are you using the City’s updated email address?

The City’s Web and email addresses changed in 2011, but many City employees are still using the old address. If you’re still giving out an email address that ends in, please take a few minutes to update email address in your auto signature to feature the City’s shorter and more secure extension:

The new URL — — is shorter, easier to remember, and more secure than our previous URL ( because only government entities can use the .gov URL.

Employees’ email addresses should follow feature the new URL after the @ symbol: This is the email address that people should now see when they receive an email from you or reply to one of your emails.

Update your email signature

Please take a few minutes to change your email signature to include your email address using the City’s updated URL. Here is an example:

Pat Smith
of Minneapolis

If you have the City’s public website bookmarked as a favorite, you should also consider updating your bookmark to


Published Oct 2, 2013