City Hall’s recently hatched peregrine falcons now have names

With the vote completed, the four peregrine falcon fledglings that make their home in City Hall’s Fifth Street tower now have names. More than 200 people voted on the names using a rating scale system where voters chose their three favorites in order of preference, similar to the ranked choice voting in place for this year’s elections.

The falcon’s names are:

Three of the names were chosen with a vote from nearly 93 suggestions that were submitted to the Municipal Building Commission. One chick (Eve) was named by Midwest Peregrine Society volunteers who came to City Hall this spring to band the newly hatched chicks.

Based on the greatly reduced number of stranded young birds, it appears that this year’s fledglings have done better learning to fly than last year’s fledglings. One of the stranded birds was taken to the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota and treated for a parasite before being returned, but overall they seem to be doing well.

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The Municipal Building Commission is the entity charged with operating, maintaining and preserving the City Hall and Courthouse building, which is jointly owned by the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County.



Published Aug 20, 2013