Wireless access expanded to more City buildings

The Royalston, Aldrich, Hawthorne, Harriet and Police Department Property Warehouse buildings are the latest facilities that have been connected to the City’s wireless network.

Individuals with a laptop, iPad, smartphone or tablet can now connect via the wireless network whenever they’re attending a meeting or visiting another office in any of these buildings:

Information Technology anticipates that these facilities will soon be connected to the City’s wireless network: Towle, 1809 Washington, Precinct 1, Precinct 2, Precinct 3, Precinct 4, Precinct 5, Hamilton and Haaf Ramp.

How to access the wireless network

With a City-issued laptop: When you visit any of the City facilities with wireless access, your City-issued laptop will automatically connect to CoMnet — a secure network — as long as you have enabled the wireless switch.

To avoid computer problems, be sure to disable this wireless switch when you return to your workstation and hard wire your laptop to connect to the City network.

With a smartphone or iPad: When you visit any of the City facilities with wireless access, you can connect to CoMnet_guest, an unsecured internet access wireless network.  A splash page will appear when you select this wireless network. You must accept the usage statement before it allows you to use the network.

For more detailed instructions, visit Information Technology’s website.


Published Aug 7, 2013