Your help needed to ensure vendors are paid promptly

If you buy goods or services for the City, the Accounts Payable staff is asking for your help to ensure the City can take advantage of vendor discounts by promptly paying invoices.

When invoices are routed incorrectly or procedures aren’t followed, the City loses discounts for fast payment and relationships with vendors become strained. These problems can be avoided by following the City’s purchasing procedures, which require that a vendor is set up and the purchase order created prior to making the purchase.

By following the accounts payable procedures, you help ensure that the City:   

If you buy goods or services, please take a look at the updated Accounts Payable guidelines posted at http://citytalk/finance/ap/index.htm. The web page also lists contacts in Accounts Payable in case you have any questions.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the purchasing process, please contact Accounts Payable Manager Rich Perrizo at extension 2311.



Published Apr 24, 2013